Rutland, VT

Playful Cuddly Pirate kitten searches for his Forever Crew!

Tiresias: Male Kitten November 21, 2019

Tiresias is an old soul. He is calm, observant, and very gentle. He came to us in obvious pain but has always allowed us to help him. Tiresias does play like a kitten for sure, but he is very adult-like in most of his interactions. He LOVES shoulder rubs. His purr can be heard upon entering the room. He loves just chilling on your lap or shoulder, soaking in the feeling of safety and love.

Tiresias November 21, 2019

 As his foster mom, I can vouch for the fact that this boy is the SWEETEST. He LOVES to play and he trills excitedly when he hears me outside the room. He plays excitedly with other kitties, he just wants to tackle them all and PLAY. He follows me around the room as I clean and feed, purring and rubbing on me. He also LOVES strings! He goes nuts for the strings on my sweatshirt. 😉

Foster Mom
Tiresias November 21, 2019

Re: his pirate eye. He has no sight in his right eye, likely due to an infection from the herpes virus (a common cause of upper respiratory infections in cats). There is a small chance that he will need the eye removed if it becomes painful/inflamed again. Right now, he is in no pain and the inflammation is under control.

Tiresias November 21, 2019 – what’s going on over there?!

Tiresias is negative (good) for FeLV, FIV, and Heartworm. He has received a 1-year Rabies vaccine and FVRCP#1. He has been treated with Revolution for fleas and ear mites. He has been neutered and either has or will have a microchip at adoption.

Tiresias November 21, 2019

He came from the Homer Cat Community, which is a group of cats resulting from three unaltered cats getting dumped at a barn. The community grew quickly, and we are now working hard to control the population, including removing all kittens that are young enough, like Tiresias, to become loving pets.

Tiresias has the zoomies!
Tiresias November 21, 2019 – He loves playing with his siblings!

If you would like to become one of Tiresais’s crewmates and promise to give him at least 75% of the bounty, please apply below. He requests crewmates that will serve him only the best of the catch, provide a sunny deck to sleep on, and lots of toys to play with. He wouldn’t mind another feline crewmate as well!

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