Rutland, VT

Good-looking, entertaining, attentive and very playful kitten, and will likely be a good hunter. (Got mice?)

Kim – Female Kitten: September 20, 2021

Kim is sassy and rules the rest of the kittens. Kim has great markings. She is friendly but also has an attitude she doesn’t like what you’re doing. She rules the house and is the first to eat or check out new surroundings. She is going to be a great hunter, and really, really, gets into playing.

Kim: September 20, 2021

Kim can be touched she just doesn’t prefer it but she’ll come running up to me and lay on the bed and watch me. It’s not that she mean or anything I just think she’s one of those cats that doesn’t prefer to be pet. But she’s friendly and interested in what I’m doing.

Foster Mom

Kim was born in mid-April, 2021. She has been spayed and will have age-appropriate FVRCP and Rabies vaccines. Her mom tested negative (good) for FeLV and FIV, so she is considered negative. She will have a microchip at adoption.

Kim is a good-looking, entertaining, and very playful kitten, and will likely be a good hunter. (Got mice?). She may not be cuddly, but she is very attentive and interested in her humans. If she is a good fit to add to your Forever Family, please fill out an adoption application below and put her name at the top!

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