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Adopted Cats

Adopted 98+ in 2019

Last updated November 6, 2019

*note: not all of our cats get webpages

Mr. Mistoffelees Adult Male
Adele: Adult Female
Middletown Springs Orphans
Onyx: Adult Male – Adopted 9-30-2019
Vega: Female Kitten – Adopted September 28, 2019
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The Partridge Family Kittens
Coral – An Orwell Jewel
Beryl – An Orwell Jewel
Moses: Adult Male
Shirley: Adult Female – mom from The Partridge Family group!
Nuts & Bolts: Male Kittens  -Rescued from a Hardware Story and adopted together
Baron: Frighten and injured to fabulous!
Topaz – An Orwell Jewel, Adopted August 27, 2019
Ransom, barn kitten
Weston – Rescued from downtown Rutland, VT
Citrine – an Orwell Jewel
Diamond – An Orwell Jewel
Speckles (Smudge’s Litter)
Freckles – (Smudge’s litter)
Barnabas (brother to Malphas)
Malphas (brother to Barnabas)
Obsidian – An Orwell Jewel
Hermoinie – mother of Luna, Myrtle and Zippora
Coal (Smudge’s Litter)
Cinder Ella (Smudge’s Litter)
Horace – An Orwell Jewel
Jasper – An Orwell Jewel
Opal – An Orwell Jewel
Sapphire, an Orwell Jewel cat. Adoption June 15, 2019
Sasha: Adult Female

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