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Adopted Cats

Adopted 132 in 2020

Last updated September 1, 2020


Tommy Tuna: Male Kitten

Homer Cat Community Kittens

Delilah: Female Kitten, February 20, 2020
Her Brother Dorian has also been adopted, but he never got a webpage, adopted too quickly!

Veruca Salt: Female Kitten – A Willy Wanka kitten – adopted by her foster mom!
Augustus: Male Kitten – The Willy Wanka Kittens

Daily, Onslow, and Clive. Daisy in 2020, Onslow and Clive in 2019

Tea Kittens

Phantom and Raven

Game of Thrones Kittens

The ABC Kittens


The Breakfast Cats

The Candy Cats

Adopted 152+ in 2019

*note: not all of our cats get webpages

Homer Cat Community Kittens adopted in 2019

The Halloween Kittens

Princess Fiona: Female Kitten

The “Baby Animal” kittens

Lulu and Zuzu
Salem: Adult Female
Mr. Mistoffelees Adult Male
Adele: Adult Female
Middletown Springs Orphans
Onyx: Adult Male – Adopted 9-30-2019
Vega: Female Kitten – Adopted September 28, 2019
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The Partridge Family Kittens
Coral – An Orwell Jewel
Beryl – An Orwell Jewel
Moses: Adult Male
Shirley: Adult Female – mom from The Partridge Family group!
Nuts & Bolts: Male Kittens  -Rescued from a Hardware Story and adopted together
Topaz – An Orwell Jewel, Adopted August 27, 2019
Ransom, barn kitten
Weston – Rescued from downtown Rutland, VT
Citrine – an Orwell Jewel
Diamond – An Orwell Jewel
Speckles (Smudge’s Litter)
Freckles – (Smudge’s litter)
Barnabas (brother to Malphas)
Malphas (brother to Barnabas)
Obsidian – An Orwell Jewel
Hermoinie – mother of Luna, Myrtle and Zippora
Coal (Smudge’s Litter)
Cinder Ella (Smudge’s Litter)
Horace – An Orwell Jewel
Jasper – An Orwell Jewel
Opal – An Orwell Jewel
Sapphire, an Orwell Jewel cat. Adoption June 15, 2019
Sasha: Adult Female

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