Ransom the handsome and friendly kitten.

Ransom: Male Kitten, July 29, 2019 -Posing for his portrait like a pro

Ransom is a friendly kitten. He will accept (maybe even like?) being held like a baby for belly rubs! He is vocal and mischievous! He’s a kitten!

Ransom was born in a barn, and the owner took him and his two brothers under her wing to be socialized once they were old enough. Now this handsome boy is looking for the perfect Forever Home and Family! Someplace to call his own.

Ransom: July 20, 2019

He would do well adopted with one of his brothers. We always recommend adopting kittens in pairs, to keep each other company and for socialization.

Ransom the handsome: July 20, 2019

Update July 23: We have just discovered that this little fella has an old injury to one of his back legs. We think it may be a dislocated joint and are exploring treatments for him.

Ransom: July 13th – his first photo with TFC.

We think he was born in early May. Ransom received a negative result (which is good) for FeLV, FIV, and Heartworm. He has been treated for fleas and parasites. He as his FVRCP #1 vaccine and a microchip. He was neutered on July 21, 2019. He will be ready very soon to go to his new home!

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