Rutland, VT

Heartbreaker Anakin is speed racing into your heart!

Anakin – September 2020

Anakin is a very loving and sweet boy! He was born in mid-June, and although the pictures make him look adult, he is all kitten! He was rescued with three siblings, and has learned to love people!

Anakin will run up to you in the morning and meow at you but then he scoots away. But as soon as you pet him, he starts to purr so loud and he purrs while he plays! The other kittens butt in when he is getting petted, so he seems to miss out on the petting. He gives up and walks away. He does not give up on his food. He’s going to be big!

Foster Mom
Anakin and BB8 – September 2020 (Anakin appears first)

Anakin looks like he is smiling when you pet his head. He is chatty and says hi when he sees you. He is very sweet.

Foster Mom
Anakin – September 2020

“Anakin loves to be petted and greet me in the morning with meows. It’s taken a couple of weeks to get here, but I think he will warm up quicker in forever homes. He was not impressed with my dog but very interested in my adult cat.”

Foster Mom

Anakin tested negative (good) for FeLV and FIV. He has been given treatment for fleas, neutered and given age appropriate vaccinations.

Anakin – September 2020

As his foster mom said, he’s a great cat, and we fully expect he will quickly come to trust his family. Currently, his foster mom gets very warm meow greetings, a bit of shyness, then when approached, full-on loves. This affectionate boy will need a bit of patience at first.

BB8 (left) and brother Anakin (right)

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