Adopted 7/18/19

Myrtle: June 22, 2019

How can one kitten be so pretty and so cute at the same time? We don’t know, but Myrtle has the secret! Myrtle is a beautiful, playful and friendly kitten who loves cuddling with her family.

Myrtle: June 22, 2019
Myrtle (bottom) and sister Luna (top – pending adoption): June 22, 2019
Myrtle: June 22, 2019 “I iz cuoot evns wenz I snooz”

Myrtle was born April 27th, 2019. She will be spayed shortly and will have all of her age-appropriate vaccines prior to adoption.

Myrtle: June 22, 2019

Myrtle came to us after we rescued her papa, Simon. Her human mom loves her and her family but was having trouble caring for her, her two sisters and her mom, so she called us.

Myrtle is one of the two white kittens. Most likely the one in the window and the other one is her sister Luna (pending adoption). Her mom Hermoine is the caliby on the chair and she is also looking for a fabulous home. Simon (adopted), her dad is at the bottom, just getting reacquainted with his daughters.
Myrtle: June 12, 2019 – Rescue day! She likes snuggling with her mom!
Myrtle (top left): June 12, 2019- Rescue day, snuggling with her sisters (adopted and pending adoption)

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