Rambo: Black cat with a heart of gold

Hi my Name is Rambo. My owner passed away a few months ago, and I am all alone in her house. A very nice person comes to feed me, and spend some time with me twice a day, but I am very lonely. I am an older boy, but love company and attention.

I wish I had a forever home. I have lived with my mom since I was 2 years old, and am 11 now. I am very sad she is gone. I have been taken to the vet, was vaccinated, and had bloodwork. I was given a clean bill of health. My coat looks funny, because I had some mats shaved. I am so heavy, I cannot reach my back to groom myself.

Would someone please take me home? I don’t like being alone so much. I have been told I need to be on a diet. I am not sure why, but I promise I will accept that.

The Feline Connection tells me that I won’t even have an adoption fee. Please contact them by PM or email if you would like me. 
Thank you!

Rambo the Rotund

Black angel in a furry body of love

More of Rambo’s story from his caretaker:

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Maureen XXXXX and I live in Rutland, Vermont. Rambo belonged to my sister Peg who we lost to brain cancer on November 25th (2018). He is a very sweet, gentle cat who loved my sister and was literally by her side up until the night she passed away. A very special nephew has been visiting him and feeding him but he really needs a forever home and people around him. I already have 3 cats which is why I cannot take him. I am hoping someone out there has room in their heart and in their home for this special boy.

Rambo at his ease.
Rambo showing off his left side at the vet. His is wondering what the doc is doing. 3/16/2019
Rambo showing off his right side, which looks exactly like his left side! 3/16/2019
Photograph from 3-11-2019, settling into his new foster home. He’s lost a bit of weight!
Rambo has been on a diet, and has already lost some weight since this picture and the picture below were taken.