The Rescued Squad

Here at The Feline Connection, it is our goal to rescue and rehabilitate stray, homeless, and feral cats and to place them in loving, forever homes whenever possible.  Though we have many successes, there are times when we simply are not able to domesticate a feral or semi-feral cat.  These cats may be those who experience anxiety if confined, prefer living outdoors, are afraid of humans, or exhibit other behaviors which contraindicate a happy life as an indoor pet.  We fondly refer to these cats as our Rescued Squad.  

Cats who are part of our Rescued Squad do not fit into home environments but that does not mean they do not have a place in our community.  They can be a welcomed asset to your barn, stable, garage, shed, warehouse, or any other outbuilding where you may need expert, environmentally-friendly rodent control.  In exchange for their service, Rescued Squad adopters provide warm, safe shelter, daily access to food and water, and veterinary care when needed.  

Rescued Squad cats will come to you having been spayed or neutered, vaccinated against rabies and distemper, and with an ear notch or tip which is the universal indicator of having been sterilized.  As with all cats, each member of our Rescued Squad is unique.  Their personalities range from semi-friendly to independent, but most prefer to keep their humans at a distance and do not enjoy being handled.  That said, they all take their duties seriously and will hold up their end of the bargain!

If you are interested in saving a life and adding a Rescued Squad cat to your property, please visit and complete an adoption application today.  We look forward to helping you save the life of a cat with special needs. 

We have many Rescued Squad Barn cats at this time. They just don't have a listing here yet. Please fill out an adoption application and put "Rescued Squad/Barn Cats" in the name area! (October 16, 2022)

Interested in giving a cat a loving Forever Home? Apply now by filling out an Adoption Application.

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