Make a real difference for cats! Volunteer for The Feline Connection!

Interested in Volunteering? GREAT! Please fill out the Volunteer Information Form below, so we know a bit about you. Someone will get back to you shortly.

The Feline Connection Community encourages all interested volunteers to submit a form. In addition to Trapping and Fostering, many other tasks need to be done. Everyone has something to give and there is no required time commitment.

We urgently need Adoption and Foster processing assistance as well as medical records.

Volunteer Activities

Out and About (subject to COVID guidelines)

  • Trapping cats for TNR and cat rescue
  • Organizing and hosting a local fundraiser
  • Transporting cats
  • Socialization of cats and kittens
  • Community building
  • Managing a cat community
  • Locating suitable barns where mousers are needed

From Home

  • Assisting with programs such as Adoption, Fostering, Communication or Volunteers
  • Record keeping
  • Photography
  • Videography & editing
  • Writing and content development
  • Social Media fundraising, informational & marketing campaigns, and communication
  • Social Media to support cat adoptions and ‘Happy Beginnings’
  • Digital and print design
  • Creating art and crafts to support fundraising

Want to foster cats and kittens? Visit the Foster page!

COVID and Volunteering at The Feline Connection

During the pandemic, we continue to prioritize the safety of volunteers and the community. All volunteers are expected to comply with state and local guidelines and recommendations with regards to masks, social distancing etc.

As of April 2021, The Feline Connection is not actively pursuing group activities such as bake sales, raffles, or adoption events.

Why The Feline’s Connection’s volunteers do what they do.

Saving lives is a way I can make a difference, especially in the dark times of COVID.


I had wanted to volunteer with a cat rescue or humane society for quite a while. It was one of the best days of my life when I found The Feline Connection. I was given the opportunity right away to make a difference in the lives of cats and kittens. I volunteer to make myself a better person. One learns lessons in compassion, caring, and responsibility. The cats and kittens benefit, but in my case, I know I benefit even more! There is nothing that compares to knowing you saved lives!


We say we rescue animals but the animals rescue us!

Board Member

Because one day Maria showed up at my door with a 3-week old kitten and the rest is history. 😂😂 Now, I’m more involved with my community, met some amazing volunteers, and fallen in love with more kitties than I ever thought possible.

Volunteer and Foster Mom

My reason…. as a former marine I had a very different view of everything that used to make sense, I was physically present but a shadow of my former self, once I made my first connection with a homeless cat that obviously shared my uneasy feelings on everyday life, I found my first step back to happiness. Not only did it give me a reason to feel things again, but every time he got friendlier, healthier, and happier, so did I. Words are great, but only the inability to communicate can produce real and permanent bonds, love and respect and I’m grateful every day for the chance to save those that saved me. 🤷‍♂️ just my personal and honest reason.

Volunteer and Foster Dad

Just trying to make the world a little better, one kitty at a time.


Simply, I love cats and all animals. Cats and dogs should have loving, safe homes. They shouldn’t have to be shy or defensive when looking for food or shelter.

Volunteer and Cat Community Manager

Why waste time me when you can be saving lives?!

Board Member

Volunteering Gallery

Trap, Neuter or Spay and Return (TNR)

Well feed and cared for, these cats keep the rodent population down at a local transfer station.
Checking out the camera
…..almost! We caught him and took care of his little “problem” with his troublepuffs.

Homer Barn

Nope. Not interested in living with humans! Back to the barn but no longer roaming and fighting.

Some cats that The Feline Connection has rescued.

The Feline Connection is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, rejecting discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, marital status, veteran status, disability, or socioeconomic background.

We can’t change the whole world, but if we can change the world of even one cat, we have made the world a better place. Join us by filling out a Volunteer Information Form now. They need you.