Available for Adoption, Rutland VT

Gannett & Stellar: A Bonded Birdie Duo Ready to Take Flight in Your Home!


Meet Gannett and Stellar, two adorable brothers named after majestic ocean birds, searching for their forever home! Born in mid-August 2023, these playful bundles of joy have integrated nicely into a busy foster home and are thriving. Both brothers are playful with all sorts of toys, keeping each other entertained for hours.

Here’s the thing: these brothers are bonded and enjoy each other’s company. Steller provides social cues and a sense of security for the more timid Gannett. Their playful interactions and cuddly moments are heartwarming to witness.

While they’re perfectly happy curling up together for comfort, they are still lukewarm to the idea of sharing a bed with the resident dog and cats. Gannet is happy to curl up for a while, but Stellar isn’t completely sold on the idea. They do enjoy visits, and their integration with other cats in the foster home suggests they’d be happy with feline companions.


Gannett, the cuddler of the duo, might be a little shy at first, but a gentle call or a playful “whatcha doin’?” will have him purring his way into your lap. He loves belly rubs (yes, you read that right!) and flops over for a good scratch session. This handsome guy has the cutest spot on his cheek! He is a drak gray and white DSH with killer white wiskers.


Steller, the more outgoing brother, boasts a soft, raspy meow that will melt your heart. He’s comfortable with human interaction, enjoys being picked up, and even attempts to catch tennis balls during indoor fetch sessions with the resident dog (talk about a birdy with game!).

  • DOB: These two brothers where born in mid-August, 2023
  • Health: Neutered, Microchipped and given age-appropriate vaccines.
  • Other Pets: Good with Cats and Dogs

Gannett and Stellar are offered together. They are a loving bonded pair that would bring double the love and entertainment to your home.

If you’re looking for a loving, playful duo to brighten your days, Gannett and Stellar might just be your perfect match! Fill out an Adoption Application below, and put their names on top!

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