Super friendly and affectionate pair. Both are floofy and loving, and Lady Bug is blind.

Lady Bug and Storm Cloud are a friendly feline pair looking for their Forever Family. Despite their differences, they share a heartwarming friendship.

Lady Bug and her friend Storm Cloud: early December 2023

Lady Bug

Lady Bug is a beautiful female Domestic Long-haired brown blotched tabby with an engaging personality. She navigates the world without sight, as she’s permanently blind in both eyes. She can see some very dark or light areas, but that is all. Despite this, she’s mastered the art of being a loving companion and navigating around. Cuddly, friendly, and enjoys being held for long periods, Lady Bug exudes a mellow vibe. Her cautious side comes out regarding new environments or changes, and she explores slowly.

Lady Bug: mid-December 2023
Lady Bug: mid-December 2023
Lady Bug: mid-December 2023

Her favorite pastime is cuddling with her foster mom and playing with jingle balls (she can hear where they are!). She’s a master at shadowboxing and enjoys playfully swatting at any shadow that catches her attention. Lady Bug was found in a driveway, sick and unable to see. We are lucky her advocate called The Feline Connection and we scooped her up! We later rescued and are still rescuing other cats and kittens from this area. We call it the Bug area. Someone has been working with them because Lady Bug and the other Bug kittens are all friendly.

Ladybug: December 2023 –Major floof tail!

Ladybug: December 2023 — More major floof tail!

Storm Cloud

Lady Bug thrives with her partner-in-crime, Storm Cloud, a handsome Domestic Medium-hair grey guy with an adventurous spirit. Storm Cloud is accepting of cats, dogs, and children, but the latter two are not a great match with Lady Bug. He’s the epitome of an outgoing, people-oriented cat, relishing every interaction he can get. His playful approach is evident in his love for every kind of toy imaginable, and he’s a fan of water, finding great joy in sinks, showers, and water bowls. Storm Cloud is a curious and active cat, with a cuddly side. He adores playing with Lady Bug and cherishes their shared moments of snuggling on the cat bed. Storm Cloud was found on a local college campus.

Storm Cloud – Male kitten: early December 2023
Storm Cloud is super affectionate, playful and loving guy….and don’t forget floofy and soft!
Storm Cloud loves loves loves water! He’s so cute!!
Lady Bug and Storm Cloud: early December 2023

We estimate Lady Bug was born around the first of June, 2023, and Storm Cloud in the middle of May, 2023. Both kittens have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccines. They both tested negative (good) for FeLV and FIV and are excellent with the litterbox. They are both ready to go to their Forever Family!

Lady Bug and Storm Cloud: early December 2023

Lady Bug’s unique needs stem from her permanent blindness, requiring a family that prioritizes patience, understanding, and a gentle approach. The right family for Lady Bug would ideally possess a serene and quieter environment, one that can offer her consistency and stability. A patient household that can accommodate her cautious nature, respecting her need to familiarize herself with new spaces and changes at her own pace, would be ideal. Lady Bug would flourish in a home where her adopters understand the importance of auditory and olfactory cues in her daily life, providing her with a safe space to explore and thrive. Additionally, ongoing vet check-ups to ensure her health and well-being, as well as a designated quiet safe area where she can retreat if overwhelmed, would be beneficial in nurturing her confidence and comfort. Patience, love, and a commitment to meeting her special needs are the defining traits of a family best suited to provide Lady Bug with a loving forever home. All that, plus enjoying carrying her!

Together, Lady Bug and Storm Cloud complement each other. Lady Bug relies on her keen sense of smell and sound, finding comfort in familiar voices and environments. Storm Cloud, the playful charmer, adds vibrant energy to their dynamic, making their companionship a delightful balance of warmth, playfulness, and affection–and they are both soft and beautiful!

Lady Bug thrives best in a calm environment that doesn’t change often. To aid Lady Bug’s transition to a new home, she needs to start in a small room with Storm Cloud and gradually expand at her own pace. With patience and understanding, this adorable pair promises endless love, cuddles, and playful antics to a family willing to open their hearts and homes to their loving bond.

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