Rutland, VT

Alpha is a snuggly cuddle cat who loves belly rubs and greet his beloved humans with cheery chirps

Alpha – Adult Male: March 23, 2021

Alpha is an endearing cuddle buddy who has come a long way from the shy, scared boy The Feline Connection rescued on New Year’s Day 2021!

Alpha –Rescue Day: January 1, 2021

Alpha is still cautious and sometimes shy when it comes to strangers and will need a little time to “warm up” to a new home and family. He will reward your patience by showering you with affection including snuggles in bed, falling asleep on your chest, and hanging out wherever you are.

“[Alpha]’s most prominent personality trait is his chirp. He chirps (trills / chirrups) to greet you, in passing, and to say good morning. We trill back to him and it really feels like he’s talking back when he trills in response!”

-Foster Parents
Alpha Chirps Hello: March 2021

Alpha’s foster parents are very confident that he will make the perfect fur baby for a family who has a bit of patience. In fact, they say they have seriously contemplated keeping him themselves!  

Alpha’s fosters imagine him happiest in a quieter home without young children. He is good with other cats and lives up to his name, wanting to be the “alpha-male”, but he loves to play with his younger foster sister.

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