Rutland, VT

Beautiful, mellow, former mama-cat with gorgeous green eyes that will melt your heart!

Chick Pea – Female Cat: December 2021

Chick Pea is a bold, but a cautious girl. She made herself right at home, as soon as she came to her new foster family. She immediately came out of the carrier, and started eating!

“Chick Pea enjoys being petted. She will purr and purr, and enjoy the attention. She is independent, but comes right to her me to say hello, as soon as the door opens. Once she is comfortable, she will ask for attention.”

Foster Family
Chick Pea: December 2021

“Chick Pea is vocal when it is time to eat. She has a very quiet “kitten-like” meow. Chick Pea is not an aggressive cat. I have to give her food separately, or other cats will push her out. She is an absolute darling!”

Foster Family

Chick Pea: October 2021

Currently, Chick Pea is not much of a lap cat, but she has great potential to be! Once she has a home where she is with her humans all the time, we think she will be happy to sit on a lap! Chick Pea is very sweetnatured!

Chick Pea: October 2021

We estimate Chick Pea was born in September 2019. She has been spayed and microchipped. She has age-appropriate FVRCP and Rabies vaccines. Chick Pea tested negative (good) for FeLV and FIV.

Chick Pea is looking for a loving Forever Family that will provide her with sunny snoozing spots, companionship, affection, scratchers, and treats!

If Chick Pea sounds like a good fit for your family, please apply to adopt her below, and put her name at the top of the application.

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