This cat is not a rescue of The Feline Connection, but was rescued by Eastwood Animal Clinic, and has received only excellent care and a lot of love by many of the same people. If you are interested in adopting Crouton, please reach out to Eastwood Animal Clinic.

Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption, Rutland VT

The sweet and affectionate Crouton just wants to be the extra something in your salad of life!

Crouton: December 22, 2020 – yes, she always has a slightly grumpy look, even when purring and happy!

Crouton is a very sweet senior cat, quiet, and loves attention. She was found as a stray in the woods of Sudbury, VT. She was skin and bones, had a severe upper respiratory infection and ear problems. She has been with Eastwood Animal Clinic for three or four months healing up from her time outdoors. Crouton has chronic URI and ear problems due to allergies. She is doing much better on anti-viral meds and a limited ingredient diet. Like most senior cats, she will have some medical needs.

Crouton: Loved by all!

Interested in giving this loving wonderful girl a Forever Family and showering her with affection, attention, and TLC? Please contact Eastwood Animal Clinic in Rutland VT to inquire about her!