Grasshopper will leap his way right into your heart! This handsome guy is sweet, cute and very affectionate.

Grasshopper – Teenage Male: March 3, 2024

This one-year-old harlequin (fancy talk for his dapper white and tabby cat) is a cuddle monster at heart, but on his own terms. Think of him as a purrfect gentleman who likes his chin scritches.

But Grasshopper’s charm goes far beyond his looks. This cuddly cat is a social butterfly who thrives on attention. He’ll serenade you with purrs and chirps, weaving a symphony of affection while he playfully explores his surroundings. Be warned, though, sudden movements might startle him (think grasshopper impression!), so a gentle approach is key.

Grasshopper with a friend: February 2024

When he’s not mastering the art of the cuddle puddle, Grasshopper enjoys playtime adventures and is always up for investigating what makes the crinkle ball tick.

Grasshopper loves to roll around and show off his belly!

Here’s the purr-fect summary of Grasshopper:

  • The ultimate cuddle bug (on his terms): He craves pats and loves being held for short bursts, but respects your personal space too.
  • A feline Felix Unger: Grasshopper has a hilarious obsession with burying anything remotely dish-shaped, even if it’s on a bare floor.
  • A neat freak with a heart of gold: He maintains an immaculate litterbox (he’ll even try to bury other cats’ deposits! It’s very funny!).
  • A master communicator: He’s a talkative kitty who expresses himself with a delightful repertoire of purrs, chirps, and meows.
  • The ultimate cat’s cat: He adores his feline friends, especially his mama cat Katydid.
  • Age: Two years old (we estimate he was born June 1st, 2022)
  • Looks: Striking harlequin coat (white with tabby markings)
  • Personality: Affectionate cuddle bug (but on his schedule), curious adventurer, mellow with a playful side
  • Best friends with: Calm, cat-loving humans and feline companions (unknown about dogs and children)
  • Favorite spot: High atop his cat tree throne

He was rescued from a Cat Community called the ‘Bug Group’ where he lived for his first year and a half. The Bug Group has an active advocate who works with the cats to socialize them, which really helps cats transition to housepets.

Grasshopper is very attached to his mom Katydid. While maybe not technically bonded, they would make a great pair to adopt together. In their Cat Community they always hung out together, as they have in our care.

Grasshopper has been neutered, microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccines. He tested negative for FeLV and FIV.

Looking for a loving, quirky companion who will keep you entertained with his antics? Grasshopper might just be your purrfect match! Is Grasshopper the bouncing ball of fluff you’ve been missing in your life? If so, fill out an Adoption Application below today!

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