Rutland, VT

Odie is a laid-back guy with a hearty appetite and appreciative purrs

Odie: Male Adult – April 2021

Odie is a sweet and chill cat with who can be picked up and cuddled once he’s settled in and has his bearings. He seeks out attention. Odie loves meal time and has a hearty appetite. He likes to express his pleasure with his dinner with a cute trill-y meow.

Enjoying some affection
The swagger, the affection, the wonderful purrs, Odie has it all!

“I could pet him the first night and instant purrs… I can pick him up no problems. Seems to be an overall chill cat…He will hop up on the futon to sit by you for lovin’.”

-Foster Mom

Odie’s estimated date of birth is late June 2017. He was a stray that was rescued and taken in by an advocate who had him cared for and then found him a home. Unfortunately, the new owner was forced to surrender him due to severe allergies.


Odie has been neutered, microchipped, and has his age-appropriate vaccinations. Not suitable for life with other cats.

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