A beautiful kitten who makes bad decisions

Raven and siblings Mink and Bob Cat (foster adoption): July 5, 2023

Hi. I’m Raven AKA “Teeny Weeny Bikini” and “Nightmare”. Don’t let the nicknames confuse you… I am a sleek, sinuous boy panther. I just have super cool white spots on my belly… you know… like a built in bikini. I’m full of energy and am often the last of my litter mates to pass out after a good wrestling round. I’m also the smallest of the bunch, but make up for that in personality. I do not make good choices. Spunky, fun and the ultimate bad boy.

Raven, probably
Raven and cousin Kestral (still growing): July 5, 2023

Raven was born in foster care to a stray mom (Possum) on April 26th, 2023. His foster mom was feeding Possum and coaked her inside to have her babies. He has been neutered, microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccines. Raven tested negative (good) for Felv and FIV. He is ready to go to her Forever Family!

Raven and siblings Mink and Bob Cat (foster adoption): July 5, 2023

Here is a video shared on Facebook and Instagram of all of Possum’s kittens. All three black kittens show at the end, but we don’t know who was who!

Video of Possum’s Kittens
Raven and siblings Junko and Skeeter (adopted): July 5, 2023
Raven – Baby Photo: May 11th, 2023

Raven would love to be adopted with a sibling or another kitten to keep him busy and out of trouble (as much as possible)! Kittens adopted in pairs are not only entertaining, but they help each other with socialization. Interested in giving Raven a life of luxury as a pampered sleek house panther? If so, fill out an Adoption Application below with his name on top!

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