A pretty and playful tabby guy who seeks out love and affection

Webster – Male: October 29, 2023

🐾🐾 Meet Webster; a handsome brown short-haired tabby. He is cautious, yet eager for affection, and has a playful spirit.
While he may be a little timid at first, this guy seeks out pets and attention. As you get to know him, you’ll discover the loving heart that beats beneath his reserved exterior.

He watches the world with a keen interest, always ready to explore and play with his fellow feline friends. His playfulness shines brightest when he’s with other cats.

Webster (back) with buddy Licorice – both male kittens: October 28, 2023

While Webster may be a tad more reserved than his friend Licorice, with a little patience and some of love, you’ll see Webster transform into a confident and affectionate companion. If you are looking for a pair, these two would enjoy going to a new home together. It’s also worth noting that both Licorice and Webster will progress every week, and if you are reading this a few weeks after it was written, they will already be even more friendly.

Webster: late September 2023 – rescue day

Webster was rescued from a small cat community at an isolated library. We estimate he was born around July 10, 2023. He has been neutered, microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccines. He tested negative for FeLV and FIV.

So, if you’re looking for a furry friend who needs some polish, but promises a heartwarming journey of discovery and companionship, Webster is your perfect match. Give him a chance to show you just how wonderful life can be with a loving tabby kitten like him! 🐱❤️ Interested in showing this great kitten the advantages of being a house cat–maybe with Licorice or another kitten–please fill out an Adoption Application below and put his (their?) name(s) on top!

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