Available for Adoption, Rutland VT

Sweet and beautiful girl is affectionate and playful

YIPPEE SKIPPEE – Female Teenage Kitten: Mid-April 2024 Mid-December 2023

This independent young lady is ready to find her happily ever after! Yippee Skippee is a curious black kitten who loves her playtime. Feather toys and spinning ball towers keep her entertained for hours, and a good scratch behind the ears or at the base of her tail sends her into purr-dise.

She loves it when I scratch her back head and base of tail. Not so fond of being held but I bet that would change when she had more time with a new family. She is craving more attention. She loves Churu pate sleeves and is fully box trained. She is my “favorite,” of this litter.

Foster Family

Yippee is very friendly and affectionate with her Foster Family. Expect her to be a little timid at first, but with just a bit of patience and love, she’ll blossom into a cuddle buddy. New people take a little getting used to, but once she feels comfortable, she’ll be your playful pal. She’s already mastered the art of using the litter box and enjoys a delicious Churu treat now and then.

The ideal home for Yippee would be with a patient and understanding family. While she may not be a lap cat right now, with some gentle affection, attention and playtime, she is likely to grow into your purrfect snuggle companion. We recommend an initial virtual visit, which can be very useful in helping prospective families see a cat’s behavior without being the “new person” in the room. 🙂

Bonus points if your home includes:

  • A patient and loving family who can give Yippee time to adjust when she arrives.
  • Plenty of toys and playtime to keep her entertained (feathers and spinning balls are her faves!).
  • Someone who appreciates a good head scratch and a purring cuddle buddy.
  • A steady supply of Churu treats!
  • Cat friends would be welcome — because she is great with her mom and siblings (some are available for adoption too!).

Yippee has lived with her mom and siblings but hasn’t met any other cats or dogs yet. She has seen her Foster Family’s dog but not interacted. If you have furry friends at home, s.l.o.w introductions are key!

YIPPEE SKIPPEE: December 2023
  • DOB: 5/24/23 Estimated at May 24, 2023
  • Health: Spayed, Microchipped and age-appropriate vaccines
  • Appearance: DSH, black with a few white hairs on her chest and spotted in her fur. She has a few white whiskers and eyebrows too. Golden eyes

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