What happens and what to expect

  1. Please Fill out A Foster Application here: https://www.shelterluv.com/matchme/foster/TFC/Cat
  2. Please Complete a SPIF Contract. This can be sent to you either through email, or you can complete it when you bring everyone in for an exam. Most exams are done in Fair Haven, VT. 
  3. During the exam, any needed vaccine and a general exam will be performed. 
  4. We will email you (if you have email) a copy of the Foster Manual. Please review this carefully, as it has a lot of great information in it. 
  5. Depending on the age and health, you may need to bring everyone back for additional exams. We work to keep this as infrequent as possible 
  6. The mom cat stays with you, and you are responsible for any needed medical care or vaccines during the time she is in the SPIF program. 
  7. Once your kittens are old enough, we will work on getting them adopted and they will be scheduled for Spay or Neuter Surgery. Your mother cat will usually get spay surgery at this time, though often it is done as soon as the kittens don’t need her anymore.
  8. When we are able, we will move them to a Foster Family once they are around 8 weeks old