Rutland, VT

Sweet-tempered twosome seeking tranquil forever family to treasure!

Salsa and Guacamole: Are you the chip for these dips?

Salsa and Guacamole are sweet and playful siblings. Salsa (female) is a fluffy brown tabby with big eyes and luscious long whiskers and Guacamole (male) is a handsome tuxedo with a cute-as-a-button black nose. They are very attached to each other and need to be adopted together.

Salsa and Guacamole were born in late May 2020 and were rescued in August. While they can be affectionate, they will need some time and patience to get to know you and learn to trust you. They are both afraid of loud noises and need a quiet, calm forever home. Given that they did not have much, if any, human contact for the first 8 weeks or so of their lives, their socialization progress is truly amazing. Once you’ve earned their trust, they are super-lovey and very appreciative of your attention. In fact, Guacamole loves to lick your hand like you’re the tasty treat for which he’s named!

Salutations from Salsa

Salsa – Female Kitten: I’m posing so pretty, how can you resist me?
Salsa – Female Kitten: Pet me now please!
Salsa – Female Kitten: Don’t you want to play with me?
Salsa – Female Kitten: I’m just a fun lovin’ floof!

Greetings from Guacamole

Guacamole – Male Kitten: I know I’m lookin’ fine in my tuxedo!
Guacamole – Male Kitten: More pets please!
Guacamole – Male Kitten: Nom, nom. I must lick your hand. You are such a tasty treat!
Guacamole – Male Kitten: Back for more petting please!

Both Salsa and Guacamole have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and will have all age-appropriate vaccines at adoption.

Interested in giving this twosome the loving and serene home they deserve? Can you be patient as they blossom into your treasured companions? If so, fill out the application below.

Interested in giving a cat a loving Forever Family? Please fill out an Adoption Application. To place a cat on hold, adoption approval and a $50 deposit fee are required. Cats can be placed on hold after your Adoption Application has been approved.

Learn more about The Feline Connection’s adoption policies and procedures on our Adopt page.

Learn more about The Feline Connection’s adoption policies and procedures on our Adopt page.