Rutland, VT

Kitten at heart, loving, affectionate senior House Panther loves pets and comes to her name!

Midnight – Senior Female: Early September 2021

Midnight is a friendly older cat but is still a kitten at heart. Midnight happily responds to calling her name with a raspy meow and asks for pets. She enjoys being pet all over and will jump up and meow to ask for pets, sometimes reaching out and tapping with her paw if she is (rudely) ignored. She doesn’t mind getting picked up once she gets to know you. She will play with toys occasionally but prefers lounging under a bed or on a windowsill.

Midnight and Butterscotch (from the same home): Early September 2021

She enjoys the company of humans a bit more than other cats. She tolerates other cats but sometimes warns them away with a grumble. She lived with a small dog.

Midnight was surrendered to The Feline Connection after her loving family became too ill to care for her, Butterscotch and Little Bit.

Midnight visiting the vet for a checkup: Late August

We estimate Midnight as being born in 2008 aso she is considered a senior kitty. She is in good health. She tested negative (good) for FeLV and FIV, and is up-to-date on her FVRCP and Rabies vaccines. She will have a microchip at adoption too!

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