Rutland, VT

Minnie Mouse is very affectionate and loves to play

Minnie Mouse: November 2, 2020 – Adult Female

Minnie Mouse is a sweet and very friendly girl.

“Minnie loves people. She starts purring loudly the moment you touch her. She tries to eat Daisy’s food so you have to watch her. She takes care of her baby, grooming her at every chance she gets. She’s mellow and affectionate, and she loves to cuddle next to you and rub up against you. She loves to play too, so have a cat laser or a toy on a stick!”

Foster Family

Minnie Mouse and her kittens were rescued on November 1st, 2020. They rescued from Fort Edward in New York and brought into foster care. Their foster family has been socializing them. Most of Minnie’s kittens have homes, and now it is Minnie’s turn.

Minnie Mouse: November 2, 2020 – Adult Female

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