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Rutland, VT

Easy to love playful hunk-of-a-kitten seeks Forever Family

Shasta: Male older Kitten – November 23, 2019 – He looks more adult than he is.

The handsome boy is very loving and goofy, with green/blue eyes the ladies swoon for! He purrs like crazy when held!

Shasta: Male older Kitten – November 23, 2019

Foster mom: “Sleeps on my bed, seeks affection, cuddles on the couch, loud motor when he gets to purring. Great kittie. Not shy at all with me, tentative with new people but warms up quickly.”

Shasta: September 5, 2019 – Shasta loves snuggling with his foster mom!

Foster mom: ” he hasn’t been exposed to kids. Probably wouldn’t be great with them unless older and able to understand that they need to approach slowly and be gentle. And not come at him from above.”

Shasta: September 7, 2019 – He loves to be loved!

Shasta has learned all the pleasures of a house cat! He sleeps with his new foster mom, and has discovered the power of fuzzy blankets!

Shasta: September 15, 2019
Shasta: September 5, 2019 – “I like cuddles with mom! You don’t mind if I sleep right here?”

Shasta and his sister Aravis were rescued off the streets of Rutland, VT. in mid-June. His sister was more outgoing initially and was adopted quickly, but it took Shasta a bit more time to learn that people are wonderful, kind, provide delicious food, fantastic head rubs and lots of fuzzy places to sleep.

He wasn’t used to people at first, but with the dedication of his first foster mom and her mother, and now is second foster mom, he actively seeks out people.

Foster mom: “He has been around one dog. Doesn’t love the crazy little thing. Runs to the other room but peeks out. The dog was rather indifferent to him. With a proper introduction and a dog that is good with cats, it could work. He just needs to be able to retreat to a safe space. He’s very curious and social and interested.”

Shasta; September 5, 2019 – “making muffins,” or “kneading” with happiness!

Shasta and his foster brother Jojo get along just fine! They play all the time. Shasta also got along with his sister, and we think he would not just be fine with other cats in the home but enjoy them.

Shasta: Male Kitten, July 21, 2019 – Shasta is still wary here.

Shasta tested negative (good) for FeLV, FIV, and Heartworm. He has been treated for fleas, ear mites, and common parasites. He has FVRCP #1 and #2 vaccines, 1-year Rabies vaccine and has been neutered. He has a microchip. We think he was born in early May 2019.

Shasta: Male Kitten, July 21, 2019
Shasta, Rescue Day! June 21, 2019

Shata would love to have a loving home of his very own! Apply below to make this guy a happy kitten and fill your family with love and fun!

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