The Mellow Cuddle Monster with a bobtail!

Vincent is a one-of-a-kind cat searching for his forever family! This gentle giant (well, medium adult!) may be a little bashful at first, but give him some pets and prepare for a purr-formance! He loves belly rubs so much, he might even flop right over for a good scratch.

Here’s what makes Vincent special:

  • Cuddle King: Vincent is all about affection. He’ll shower you with kneading love (making biscuits!) and a rumbling purr when he’s happy.
  • Mellow & Curious: Don’t let his initial caution fool you! Vincent is a curious soul who loves to explore his surroundings.
  • Tail-less Wonder: This handsome orange tabby has a unique feature – a cute little bobtail just like a bobcat!
  • Kid-tested (Dog-unknown): Vincent has spent time with a child and seems to enjoy it, but introductions to dogs would need to be slow and supervised.
  • Treat Time! This foodie feline loves squeeze-up treats on his wet food and can’t resist Temptations Backyard Cookout flavors.
Vincent: Early March, 2024

Additional details:

  • DOB (approximate): October 10, 2022
  • Health: Neutered, microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccines
  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair (DSH)
  • Size: Medium Adult
  • Color(s): Orange
  • Pattern: Tabby
  • Unique features: No Tail

Vincent would be the perfect companion for someone who appreciates a gentle, affectionate cat with a curious spirit. Is that you? Interested in a very handsome cuddly companion? Fill out an Adoption Application below and put his name on top!

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