Available for Adoption, Rutland VT

Friendly, loving, and affectionate handsome house tiger who refused to leave!

Atlas – Adult Male: May 2024

Meet Atlas! This handsome young (1-2 year old) man might seem a bit timid at first, but don’t let that fool you. He’s come a long way from his initial fearfulness and is now ready to find his forever home!

Originally thought to be feral, Atlas surprised everyone by clinging to his carrier during his supposed release. Turns out, he just needed a safe space to blossom.

He was originally TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return program for Community Cats)—we thought he was feral, but now we think he was just terrified when he was trapped.  When they took him to be released, he wouldn’t get out of the carrier…..twice!  So he came to me to give him a chance to show his colors.  For two weeks he didn’t come out of the carrier inside the cage.  Then he started sitting on top of carrier when I was down there.  He is still a bit skittish, or rather can get startled.  But one day he decided to walk up to me and get petted!! 

Foster Mom
Altas: May 2024

Here’s what makes Atlas special:

  • Gentle guy: Though a bit skittish at times, Atlas loves head butts and enjoys a good scratch behind the ears.
  • Purrfect personality: Once he warms up, Atlas will reward you with a rumbling purr. He loves chin scritches, ear rubs, and head pets!
  • Playful spirit: This catnip enthusiast loves to bat and chase his toys!
  • Adaptable friend: Atlas seems unfazed by other cats and even tolerates the presence of a dog in the house.

A few things to consider:

  • Slow beginnings: Atlas may take some time to adjust to a new environment. Patience and a gentle touch will go a long way.
  • Lap cat potential: Atlas can be picked up but might not be a cuddle bug just yet.
  • DOB: Estimated as early fall 2021
  • Breed: DSH brown mackerel tabby with green eyes
  • Health: Neutered, microchipped and given age-appropriate vaccines. He tested negative (which is good) for FeLV and FIV
  • Homelife: Atlas doesn’t mind his Foster Mom’s dog or other cats.

Atlas is the perfect companion for someone who appreciates a loving cat who blossoms at their own pace. If you’re looking for a loyal friend with a purrfectly playful personality, Atlas might just be your match! Fill out an Adoption Application below and put his name on top!

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