Medical Equipment for Kittens and Cats Fundraiser

Goal: Aquire veterinarian-grade cages and other medical equipment for The Feline Connection as well as ongoing medical expenses. Fundraising target: $2500.

The Feline Connection, a cat rescue, urgently needs equipment to rehabilitate the sickest of kittens and cats rescued from the streets and farms of the Rutland VT and Eastern Washington County NY areas.

We need veterinary grade cages because the consumer-grade ones are hard to adequately disinfect. Part of the mission of The Feline Connection is to provide rehabilitation that might not be available to cats and kittens in a shelter. Stray and Feral cats are subject to many different diseases which are very contagious in a shelter setting but can be easily managed with proper disinfection and isolation in a foster family setting. Foster homes can give cats the time they need for treatments. We will use the requested medical equipment to do several different things:

Pantera had the Ringworm fungus when we rescued her. She had to be isolated for many weeks, because ringworm is very contagious to other animals and humans, but treatable. The picture on the right is from her adopter, who loves her to bits.

We will use the requested medical equipment to do several different things:

  • Isolate cats with fungal infections
  • Examine newly rescued cats and kittens safely
  • Care for cats and kittens that are sick with upper respiratory infections
  • Provide Life-Saving medical treatment

We urgently need cages that are about $850 including shipping.

If we exceed our goal, we will buy additional equipment in this order:

  • Fluid pole
  • Centrifuge
  • Stainless steel exam table
  • Second Kitten Incubator
  • Second Fluid Pump and Pole

We have several board members and foster families with veterinary and/or medical backgrounds that can safely use this equipment. 

Krumkake keeping warm in the incubator while getting baths for terrible diarrhea. She probably wouldn’t have made it without the Pet Brooder.

With COVID-19 restrictions and best practices, we have been unable to do unperson fundraisers, unlike the last two years. Any amount you can give helps us help stray and feral cats.

Teacake is a great example of the condition of many kittens The Feline Connection rescues from local barns, farms, and urban areas. They often come in with a combination of issues, flea infestations that cause severe dangerous anemia, upper respiratory infections, and eye infections. They often need supportive care for the first few weeks they are with us, but most of them pull through with a little extra care. This is why a larger percentage of outdoor kittens don’t survive.


The Feline Connection is a non-profit cat rescue group operating in the Rutland, Vermont area, and a 501(c)(3) charity. The Feline Connection was Founded in 2018 by Maria Caron. The Feline Connection is a group of volunteers focused on improving the lives of homeless and neglected cats through spay/neuter and release or relocation (TNR), cat community care and management, fostering/socialization, and adoption. We rely entirely on donations and volunteers to accomplish these goals.

As of November 6th, 2020, our 2020 adoption total is 343 cats. We also have 98 cats in 29 foster families. We do TNR (Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Return) as well (60+ in 2020) and are currently working on TNR/Rescuing kittens from 3-4 different locations.

Gratuitous kitten photo. When we rescued Madoc, we had rescued his mom earlier in the day and then discovered she was lactating. One of our volunteers rushed back to the abandoned house and located this kitten. Madoc was very thin and covered in fleas. He was lucky, we had his mom, and one flea-bath later he was happily nursing on his very pleased mom.