Available for Adoption: Rutland, VT

Wonderful senior pair: affectionate, friendly, outgoing, cautious, floofy, handsome, bobtail, Manx mix, sleeps on the bed at night.

Bobbi Jo (Senior Female) and Felix (Adult Male)

Meet this gentle and sweet bonded pair Bobbi Jo and Felix! These two have been together for years. They came to The Feline Connection when their owner suddenly passed away, and their daughter contacted us. They are both sweethearts and enjoy each other’s company.

Super floof Bobbi Jo is an absolute sweetheart. This beautiful long-haired girl has a natural bobtail too! She is quite affectionate and loves pets. She enjoys being brushed, which is good given her long fur! Her fur is soft to the touch too.

Felix is a sweet, cautious guy. He takes a while to open up, but we know he was not timid with his previous owner, that once he comes out of his shell, he is friendly! It will take a while!! He loves affection, too. He is more comfortable with being pet in his bed than being picked up.

They are both very gentle but I don’t think they would be good with children. I think it would stress Felix. They are okay with my dogs but not my cats.

Foster Family

Bobbi Jo

Bobbi Jo is about 12 years old. She is a Manx mix. She arrived spayed, has been microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccines. She tested negative for FeLV and FIV. She needs special prescription food most likely going forward.


Felix: December 10, 2023

Felix is a sweet and gentle boy who has a painful past. He was rescued by his owner, after the tragic death of a sibling. He learned that people can be scary, so he needs a super gentle and patient family to bring him out of his shell. With his previous owner, he would cuddle and sleep with her!

Felix: December 13, 2023
Felix: June 2023

Felix was about 12 years old when he came to The Feline Connection with Bobbi Jo. He doesn’t like to be separated from Bobbi Jo, and given his background, we don’t blame him! He arrived neutered, has been microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccines. He tested negative for FeLV and FIV. He is a very handsome boy with lovely markings! Felix is ready to go with Bobbi Jo to their Forever Family!

Felix: June 2023 — look at that face!!!

Bobbi Jo and Felix are looking for a patient, loving, gentle and compassionate family. They are in search of healthy and nutritious food, cozy safe places to sleep, toys to play with and lots of love. They promise to provide love and affection right back! If you are interested in this special pair, please fill out an Adoption Application below and put their names at the top!

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