‘Funds to the Rescue’ – (5) The Heartbeat of The Feline Connection: A Look into Our Dedicated Teams

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At The Feline Connection, our mission is to improve the lives of homeless and neglected cats through rescue, rehabilitation, and rehome cats in need. This noble endeavor is made possible through the dedication and hard work of several specialized volunteer teams. Each of these teams plays a crucial role in ensuring the welfare of our feline friends and the success of our mission.


1. TNR & Rescue & Intake Team: Our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), Rescue & Intake Team is at the forefront of our mission. They respond to rescue calls, trap feral cats for spaying or neutering, and provide initial care to newly arrived cats. Their dedication to helping cats in crisis situations and managing feral colonies is instrumental in controlling the cat population and reducing suffering.

2. Medical Team: The well-being of our rescued cats is of paramount importance, and our Medical Team, working with local veterinarians, ensures TFC’s cats receive the best possible care. From vaccinations and spaying/neutering to treating injuries and illnesses, their expertise and commitment to feline health are instrumental in rehabilitating our cats and preparing them for adoption, or in some cases, to return to their barn or community homes.

3. Foster Families: Foster families are the heart and soul of our organization. These unsung heroes open their homes to provide temporary care for cats in need. They offer love, socialization, and a safe environment for cats to heal and recover from injuries, illness, or trauma. Without our foster families, our rescue efforts would be incomplete. Learn More

4. Adoption Team: Our Adoption Team is the bridge that connects our rescued cats to loving forever families. They carefully screen potential adopters, match cats with suitable families, and facilitate the adoption process. Their compassion and expertise ensure that our cats find the perfect homes where they can thrive and be cherished.

5. Social Media & Communication Team: In the age of digital connectivity, spreading the word about our rescue efforts is paramount. The Social Media & Communication Team leverages the power of social platforms to raise awareness, share heartwarming success stories, and connect with our community of supporters. Their work ensures that our message reaches far and wide, inspiring others to join our cause.

6. Fundraising & Financial Team: To sustain our rescue efforts, we rely on the Fundraising & Financial Team to secure the necessary resources. They organize events, launch campaigns, and seek donations to cover medical expenses, food, shelter, and more. Their financial acumen ensures that our operations remain stable and sustainable and that no cat in our care goes without. Donate

7. Community Support: Beyond the core teams within The Feline Connection, there exists another critical team – our expansive and compassionate community of supporters. These individuals, businesses, and organizations are the backbone of our mission. Through their generous donations, they provide the financial lifeline that allows us to continue our rescue efforts. Their willingness to share our stories and successes on social media amplifies our message, inspiring more people to join our cause. Additionally, corporate sponsorships from local businesses provide vital resources that directly impact the well-being of the cats we rescue. Our community acts as our eyes and ears, helping us identify cats in need. Together, this dedicated community forms an integral part of The Feline Connection, ensuring that our mission is to improve the lives of homeless and neglected cats through rescue, rehabilitation, and rehome cats in need remains a powerful force for good in our community. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for the latest news.


In the intricate tapestry of The Feline Connection, each of these teams plays a unique and vital role. Together, they form a united front dedicated to improving the lives of cats in our community. Our mission would not be possible without the hard work, compassion, and synergy of these volunteer teams, and our 2200+ rescued/TNR cats are grateful for their unwavering dedication to our cause.

Learn more about Volunteering for The Feline Connection and fill out a Volunteer Information & Waiver Form on the Volunteer Page.

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