Available for Adoption

Available for Adoption: Rutland, VT

This girl is sure to steal a piece of your heart.

Pieces: April 8, 2020 – Adult Female

Pieces is a sweet, playful tortie who although shy at first, seeks attention and love from her humans.

Pieces: July 2, 2020 – “I don’t know what you’re talking about…this is MY bed.”

Pieces and her kitten came to us after a short stay with another foster family. She was slow to adjust, often hiding away in a corner or in a crate. Pieces has since gotten comfortable and confident in our home. I think she will always be a bit jumpy but that doesn’t stop her from seeking out love from her human.

Foster mom
Pieces: July 2, 2020 – “Will YOU adopt me?”

I have never seen any aggression toward any of the other fosters. Pieces doesn’t have the typical tortitude that many others have; she is very quiet, with the occasional itty-bitty meow. In her time with us, I have found that Pieces really likes to play, as all the Candy Cats I have had the pleasure of fostering do. She’s like a big kitten—running, jumping, and chasing. If you’re looking for a lap cat, I’m not sure Pieces is the girl for you. However, once she is comfortable with you, I think you’ll find her to be a good, loving companion.

Foster mom
Pieces: July 2, 2020 – Tortie queen.

A while ago, we had posted asking for food and litter donations for a veteran we are helping. To recap slightly, His kindness, and love of cats, helped him to rescue many stray cats. However, he was no longer able to afford spays and neuters, and things got out of hand. 
The populations have grown beyond what he can handle, and he has asked for help. He is a good man, trying to help the 30 plus cats in his care. But life keeps throwing punches at him, which had made it so very hard for him and his family to get back on their feet. 

Pieces: July 2, 2020 – Sleeping in style.
Pieces: April 8, 2020 – “Excuse me…did you say there were no more treats?!”

Pieces tested negative for FeLV, FIV, and heartworm, and is up to date on distemper and rabies vaccines. She is spayed and has a microchip. Her estimated DOB is April 17, 2017.

Pieces: December 20, 2019 – Intake day!

Pieces, along with the other Candy Cats, is ready for her forever home. She is like a large kitten – a ball of playfulness and energy who is ready to chase any toy you throw her way! If you’re looking for a peppy girl to spice up your life then Pieces is the girl for you! Please fill out an Adoption Application below!

Interested in giving a cat a loving Forever Family? Please fill out an Adoption Application. To place a cat on hold, adoption approval and a $50 deposit fee are required. Cats can be placed on hold after your Adoption Application has been approved.

Learn more about The Feline Connection’s adoption policies and procedures on our Adopt page.

Learn more about The Feline Connection’s adoption policies and procedures on our Adopt page.