Available for Adoption

Rutland, VT

Black beauty with a passion for rodent control!

Rain was found as a pregnant, feral cat hanging around a barn. Although she is a small cat, she was an excellent mom and raised 7 healthy, happy kittens. While in foster care, and before giving birth to her kittens, she proved herself to be a good mouser by catching a mouse in the room where she was staying. 

Rain was quite feral when she arrived at her foster home. Initially we thought Rain might do best in a barn or other outdoor location. Thanks to some patient socialization in her foster home, we now think she would do fine as an indoor cat. She is becoming more trusting of humans and will accept pets and head scratches. She gets along well with other cats. She may not ever be a lap cat, but with time and patience she could continue to make good progress in socializing with humans. She always uses her litter box.

If your house needs a little bit of organic rodent control and is willing to give her time and space, Rain could be the gal for you! Fill out an adoption application below and include Rain’s name.

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