‘ Funds to the Rescue’ – (2) Paving the Way for a Brighter Future for Homeless Cats

We are more than 107% of the way to the 2023 goal! (as of December 30, 2023)

‘Funds to the Rescue’ Blog 2

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An Overview of The Feline Connection Mission and Services


In a world where felines are often overlooked, abandoned, and left to face the challenge of life on the streets or in the woods, The Feline Connection strives to be a beacon of hope. Since its inception in 2018, The Feline Connection has been unwavering in its commitment to providing a lifeline for homeless cats. With a focus on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), rescue, and adoption, The Feline Connection has been transforming the lives of cats and fostering healthier, happier cat communities on both sides of the state border.


Helping Homeless Live Their Best Lives: The heart and soul of The Feline Connection is its mission to help homeless cats live their best lives. The organization’s multifaceted approach revolves around: Community Cat Management/TNR, and Rescue, supported by a strong Adoption program.


Community Cat Management/TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return): TNR is a cornerstone of The Feline Connection’s efforts. By humanely trapping feral (wild) and stray (friendly but homeless) cats, the organization reduces the population of homeless felines and prevents the cycle of reproduction. Neutering these cats not only stabilizes their numbers but also contributes to the overall well-being of the individual animals by curbing behaviors associated with mating (fighting and bearing kittens) and by preventing or reducing the prevalence of feline-to-feline diseases and certain medical conditions.

Building Trust at one of the Cat Communities we help with. The concerned owner and workers reached out for help after cats kept appearing, and started having kittens.

Stray, abandoned, lost, and homeless cat assistance: The Feline Connection provides assistance for stray, abandoned, lost, and homeless cats. We have a multifaceted mission of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming. TFC responds to reports of vulnerable felines whenever possible, and employs a variety of rescue/trapping techniques to safely capture these cats. TFC then provides them with high-quality medical care, nourishment, and a safe haven. Foster Families work to mend both physical and emotional wounds, facilitating the cats’ physical recovery and socialization, preparing them for loving Forever Families. TFC also strives to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying/neutering, and the humane treatment of all animals.

Adoption: Providing a chance for a loving forever home is another pivotal aspect of The Feline Connection’s work. Through a thorough adoption process, TFC ensures that each cat finds the perfect match, bringing joy to both the adopter and the feline companion. This commitment to responsible and compassionate adoptions helps break the cycle of homelessness for countless cats.


The Feline Connection provides an array of high-quality services that benefit the entire community, reinforcing its commitment to cat care.

Rescue Services: In addition to TFC’s TNR efforts, the organization offers rescue services, stepping in to assist cats in distress and dire situations. We believe every cat should receive the care it deserves.

Spay-It-Forward (SPIF): Recognizing the importance of preventing future generations of homeless cats, The Feline Connection offers a “Spay-It-Forward” program. This initiative provides free spaying services to a limited number of owners of pregnant cats after the owners surrender the resulting kittens. The Feline Connection then spays or neuters the kittens and find them Forever Families.

Community Cat Care and Management: The Feline Connection is deeply involved in community outreach, providing resources and education on cat care and management to neighborhoods and businesses on both sides of the NY/VT state border. By encouraging responsible cat ownership and offering guidance on managing community cat populations, the organization empowers communities to make positive changes for both cats and people.

High-Quality Medical Care and Management: The well-being of the cats in their care is paramount to The Feline Connection. The organization provides high-quality medical care to our cats in residence, addressing physical and behavioral challenges to ensure each cat’s optimal health and happiness.

Foster Care: Foster Families play a crucial role in the rehabilitation and socialization of cats awaiting adoption. Through their foster care program, The Feline Connection nurtures cats in a home environment, preparing them for a smooth transition into their forever homes. We are able to learn about our cats, their likes and dislikes, by observing them in a family environment. Armed with this information, the Adoption Team works to create great matches between the cat and their new family.

Challenges Cats Face: The Feline Connection recognizes and addresses the hardships that homeless cats endure on the streets. From abandonment and abuse to the harsh realities of weather and disease, the organization confronts these challenges head-on, embodying its commitment to being a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Conclusion: The Feline Connection’s five-year journey has been defined by unwavering dedication, compassion, and tireless efforts to improve the lives of homeless cats. With a mission that remains as steadfast as ever, they continue to make a profound impact on the feline community and beyond. The work TFC’s volunteers do not only transforms the lives of countless cats but also fosters a more compassionate and understanding society. As we look ahead, the organization’s legacy of love, care, and advocacy serves as an inspiration for us all to create a world where every cat can live their best life.

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