This beautiful and affectionate girl is always dressed for success! She is bonded to Stash.

Shorty is bonded to Stash. Their profiles have not been updated to reflect this yet. They are only offered together.

Shorty – Male Kitten: November 15, 2023

🌟 Meet Shorty, the charming tuxedo kitten with a heart of gold! Slightly reserved at first but full of playful spirit, she’s a master at enjoying gentle pets and engaging in playtime. Shorty’s affectionate side shows when she selects those precious cuddle moments with humans. Born in mid-June 2023, this darling short-haired beauty boasts stunning tuxedo markings, curving white whiskers, and gorgeous green eyes. She’s a pro at chilling out with her siblings, cuddling up and spreading the love.

Shorty: November 1, 2023 – check out those green eyes!!

Her beautiful black fur is speckled with lovely white fur hairs.

Shorty: November 15, 2023

She can usually be spotted snuggled up with her kitty companions or occasionally curled up on someone’s lap. Growing up surrounded by her loving gang of six siblings, she’s become a social and loving kitty. We believe she’d thrive in a home with at least one furry feline friend to cuddle with, perhaps her sister Stash?

Shorty was surrendered to The Feline Connection as part of the SPIF program at 6 weeks old. She was hand-raised from birth, and has been to all the best housecat schools! She was born in mid-June and has been spayed, microchipped, and given age-appropriate vaccines. She tested negative (good) for FeLV and FIV through her mom. She is good with other cats.

Shorty: late May 2023 – baby photo!

Are you smitten by Shorty’s irresistible mix of elegance and cuddly charm? Do you promise to lavish her with all the luxuries of housecat life? If so, please fill out an Adoption Application below and fill out his name (and maybe Stash too?) at the top!

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