Fostering Tippy

Almost losing him made me realize I couldn’t give him up 💚

My first and only foster so far–a tiny gray and white kitten–found all by himself and in need of a warm home with someone to care for him until he was cleared for adoption. Tippy was a goofy little ball of fuzz, and I quickly realized I was falling in love. Unfortunately, he got very sick due to a virus he had contracted as a stray – we were unsure if he would recover. Once he started to get better and took that first bite of food on his own, I knew I was a “foster fail” —there was no way I was letting this precious boy move out after all we had been through. Even though things were scary at times, I am glad that I opened my home and my heart to a kitty in need, and that he is still here with us. Fostering is not always easy or fun, but every day I am grateful for Tippy.

Foster and Forever mom

Fostering is rewarding, wonderful, scary, heartwarming, heart-wrenching and one of the most profound things one can do, to save a creature. Fostering Saves Lives.

Sometimes kitties find the right home with their foster family. More often than not, they go to other Forever Families, which makes room to save the next one. The Feline Connection has strong adoption and social media team teams that do lots of the work of helping kitties find their Forever Family and checking on prospective adopters.

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