Mom Cat Fuji’s last litter in photos

The Feline Connection rescued a stray pregnant and very friendly girl from the area we call the Camera kittens. Last night Fuji gave birth to five beautiful kittens. Their foster Family took tons of photos and videos, and we thought you all would want to see them too. We got a play-by-play, so we are sharing them in the order they happened.

Getting started – the evening of May 8, 2023
The first kitten
Fuji is a good mom who cleaned her kittens up right away.
“Here’s a cute little face to give you a smile”
The first three were the orange ones, with the fourth all black. Mom is so attentive and such a good mom!
morning, May 9, 2023
The first thing the next morning, not even 24 hours old
The milk bar is open for business.
Mom put an end to fighting for a nipple with a strategically placed arm.
EVENING, MAY 9, 2023
Fuji is always up for some loving!
Kitten pile!
Not even a day old and starting to fight over those nipples! Experts believe that fighting helps the kittens gain strength and is an important part of their development. These two are doing a great job!

So far, everyone seems happy and healthy.

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