Post Three: ID, Please! Why Your Cat Should Have a Collar and ID

By Marisa Valent-Altland and Kirsten Gay

Just as we carry identification in our purses and wallets to help us navigate our human lives, an ID is imperative to a cat’s safety. With an ID collar, your cat has a better chance of safely and quickly returning home.

Now you may be asking, does my cat need a collar if they have a microchip? The answer is yes! A collar is an important part of your pet’s identification system. While a microchip needs to be scanned by a Veterinarian, Shelter, or Animal Rescue group, a collar and ID is easily visible and can get your contact information to a rescuer quickly.

TFC alumni Holly sporting a fashionable color with a Microchip tag. The Feline Connection’s Microchip company Home Again sells tags that also identify which type of microchip the cat has. Holly was born to a pregnant stray cat Paprika in Foster Care. She can now find her way home if she escapes and hopefully will never experience the homelessness her mom did.

Even indoor cats should have a collar and ID. If they get out of the house, a well-meaning Samaritan might think they are stray and take them to a shelter. If your cat has a registered microchip, it will still make its way home to you, but an ID will help to make the process much faster.

Cats should always be wearing a breakaway collar. Also called quick-release collars, these collars are designed to snap open when tugged with sufficient force. In the case your cat gets stuck on something, they would be able to pull themselves free.

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